Metro Map Up for Debate

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metro map silver lineWith the upcoming opening of Metro Silver Line stations, the need for a redesigned map of the Metro has become a matter of public input and debate. Kensington Patch reports that with the addition of the Silver Line, the portions that run parallel to the Orange line and the shared stations between the lines are difficult to depict on the map. Suggested ideas are being met with approval, for the most part, but Metro riders caution that not all of the suggestions are viable, especially if a person has a visual disability or if maps are used in some of the darker stations. Others believe that consistent station icons should be utilized to avoid confusion over stations that have two or three different transfer points between the Metro lines. Read more here: Metro Down to Final Two Drafts of New Rail Map

New Homes Are Heading to Tyson’s Corner

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tysons-cornerSeven new apartment high-rises will be making a grand entrance into Tyson’s Corner, within a quarter mile of the New Metro Silver Line McLean Station. TysonsCornerPatch reports that the Fairfax County recently approved this large development that will add over 2,500 housing units, nine acres of park space, as well as potential retail space. The 21-acre project will still be called The Commons, but will offer many more options for those looking at real estate in Tyson’s Corner. Read more here: Fairfax Board OKs Largest Tysons Residential Development Yet

Will Metro Bring Better Bus Routes to Reston?

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As the opening of the Metro Silver Line draws near, residents surrounding the new Metro stations are concerned that more bus routes may be in order to help with the flow of traffic to the stations. Reston Patch reports that Reston Association recently sent a letter to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors that elaborates on these concerns, with hopes of changing the public transportation landscape in the area, especially during weekdays. These requests include more peak-time service, as well as more bus routes for mid-day, evening and weekend service. Read more here: Reston Association Asks for Better Bus Routes

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