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Northern Virginia Residents Seek Metro Access

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Driving is not always an option, and when you live in an area that has mass transit, the expense of a vehicle may seem like throwing away money. The Washington Post reports that for Northern Virginia residents, paying extra to live near Metro Stations just makes sense. These commuters, students and families prefer the easy access from their homes, apartments or condos in Tyson’s Corner and McLean, for example. For residents looking to the future of the Metro expansion, areas like Reston and Ashburn may wish to consider more dense residential structures in order to fully benefit from the Metro Silver Line. Read more here: Silver, Purple Lines driving more transit-accessible apartments

Will Metro Bring Better Bus Routes to Reston?

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As the opening of the Metro Silver Line draws near, residents surrounding the new Metro stations are concerned that more bus routes may be in order to help with the flow of traffic to the stations. Reston Patch reports that Reston Association recently sent a letter to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors that elaborates on these concerns, with hopes of changing the public transportation landscape in the area, especially during weekdays. These requests include more peak-time service, as well as more bus routes for mid-day, evening and weekend service. Read more here: Reston Association Asks for Better Bus Routes

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